Building capacity for good relations in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is one of the most diverse boroughs in the country. Over a period of 18 months Talk for a Change worked with 9 community organisations across the borough helping them improve relationships between different local groups, and hence improve satisfaction and engagement with public services.

We worked with mosques, churches, tenants and residents associations, and youth groups. We delivered training in dialogue skills, and tools for analysing and working with community tensions. Through the development of a set of straightforward indicators  we supported impact measurement of the good relations interventions that community organisations developed.

Our final evaluation showed:

  • More productive dialogue between communities, groups and service providers
  • Greater innovation and risk taking in organisations and community leaders who developed creative solutions to long standing issues
  • Improved collaboration between local partners and local public services
  • Better skilled and more confident engagement in difficult dialogues by community activists.

‘Talk for a Change’s expertise, particularly the spirit and approach they have taken has been very supportive, motivating and has increased our enthusiasm for doing this work’

Many of the projects came up with innovative, and effective solutions to long standing problems, ranging from; a cross-faith initiative dealing with anti-social behaviour during Ramadan, to the transformation of an abandoned hut from community eyesore into community asset.