Research in practice – building young people’s resilience to extremisms

In 2013 we were invited by Research in Practice to lead knowledge exchange workshops across England for social workers, youth workers and criminal justice workers seeking to improve their practice with young people at risk of becoming involved in extremisms. We used Nicola’s experience in social work and youth work, Talk for a Change’s experience of extremisms and hate crime, and our recent research on resilience to build our programme.

The workshops were extremely well evaluated – comments included

I’m better able to meet the needs of my YP as a result of this learning’

‘Well structured, understandable and of high quality’

Really fantastic training, so well communicated and focussed on dialogue / solutions’

I felt that the research linked in well to real life situations which I encounter in work’

‘I feel empowered’

‘Really helped me to break down the issues and how to deal with extremism’

Our approach includes discussion of key terms that demonise young people and are over used in the press, and practical activities for working with young people at risk.   We also cover how to build communities that are resilient and able to support individual young people.