Building Resilience with Young People and Communities

After interviews with 700 young people (undertaken by our partners Kaizen and Young Advisors) and 40 professionals, and lots of literature and dvd analysis, here  is our latest publication, and our carefully considered suggestions – mainly for youth agencies and community workers to consider in order to build young people and community’s resilience to future disorder

Its tough to summarise but the aspects of this that stick with me are how as adults we can contribute to young peoples’  resilience by being better at sharing power with them, better at helping them to contribute to communities, better at talking about them as assets and resources.

I hope you have a quick look at what we are suggesting. Many many thanks to all of those who took part.

Making the everyday ordinary extraordinary – integration rethink continues.

The message from IPPR’s policy paper, Rethinking Integration is Let’s think more about the everyday when we’re talking about integration.  That’s welcome when the debates about integration (cohesion as was) have been polarised between complex and competing perspectives on multiculturalism and liberal citizenship. At the same time isn’t it extraordinary that we rarely hear this message? It is in the everyday that we get on with getting on with each other – it is the everday ordinary extraordinary.  Continue reading “Making the everyday ordinary extraordinary – integration rethink continues.”

If you work with 18-25 year olds in areas affected by last summer’s riots we’d like your opinion

Talk for a Change is working with Kaizen Partnership  on research commissioned by the Resilience Consortium, a group of 29 youth organisations concerned to find a constructive and practical way forward after the riots of 2011.

Our research question is  ‘How do we foster young people’s capacity and contribution to communities in order to reduce the likelihood and/or severity of public disorder in the future?’  We are interested in discovering the key untapped assets, talents and resources that young people and communities have that can support community resilience.  Continue reading “If you work with 18-25 year olds in areas affected by last summer’s riots we’d like your opinion”