An update on our work in Libya

Talk for a Change is currently collaborating with Peaceful Change Initiative (PCI) on a project aimed at improving human security and local development in Libya. We have been invited to share community cohesion and community dialogue best practice from our work in the UK.

So on a bitterly cold spring morning, I boarded a plane destined for Tripoli. Having previously worked in South Asia and South America I was completely at ease with new landscapes and cultural contexts. In fact I was looking forward to discovering Libyan culture and hospitality. I was however also aware of the fact I was in a country that had recently been in a violent conflict. Continue reading “An update on our work in Libya”

Talk for a Change in debate with our colleagues

Jo Broadwood and Nicola Sugden, two of  Talk for a Change’s directors, attended the Conflict Research Society conference in Coventry last week. We presented our recent publication We need to talk about ..can discussing controversial issues strengthen community relations? and entered useful debate with other practitioners. The main topics of debate were how best to use the contact hypothesis, the importance of focussing on differences as well as similarities when in dialogue with conflicting groups, and the pros and cons of local and national organisational set ups for working on good relations in the UK at present.  Continue reading “Talk for a Change in debate with our colleagues”