Speak As You Find performances are this week!

Speak As You Find is a living archive of the stories and experiences of local people, which have been cut and shaped into a unique performance project, led by community arts organisation, Magic Me. Using storytelling, local history and performance Speak As You Find will reveal layers of conversation and shared memories in this intimate project.

Part of a bigger project, Rooms With A View, it has involved more than 100 people of all ages from the East End. A core group, involving older women from the local area and students from the Mulberry School, collected stories and personal histories about living in Tower Hamlets and shaped them into an immersive theatre experience, led by Magic Me’s Associate Artist Sue Mayo, Sound Artist Dan Scott, Designer Amanda Mascarenhas and Tas Emiabata Theatre Practitioner, working with consulting artist Raj Bhari (Co-director of Talk For A Change). This exciting new production will transform a local building, allowing the audience to experience and interact with the stories as they navigate different spaces in an unmissable performance. Moving through the building the audience will encounter connections and disharmony, whispers and shouts, all deeply rooted in the lived experience of the community performers.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England National Lottery – Grants for the Arts and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, this site specific performance experiments with theatre and dialogue in a way not seen before. Stories and experiences were shared and collected at open sessions, informing the themes and content of the performance, prompting reaction and a dialogue with its audience.


Performances will be at 3pm on Friday 30th October, Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November at The Centre, 32 Merchant Street, Bow, London

Suitable for all ages from 8+

There is an element of walking throughout the building.

Tickets are available from Magic Me www.magicme.co.uk


About Magic Me

Magic Me is the UK’s leading creator of intergenerational arts projects, an award winning charity based in Tower Hamlets. Our award-winning programme brings together younger and older people for mutual learning, enjoyment and benefit.  For more information about our work, visit www.magicme.co.uk

Speak as you find is part of Magic Me’s Rooms with a View project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England National Lottery – Grants for the Arts and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


About Talk For A Change

At Talk for a Change we believe in the power of dialogue to bring about greater understanding, empathy and stronger relationships between different groups. Furthermore we believe it can strengthen the ‘social glue’, that sense of trust and understanding we all need in order to feel comfortable on our streets and in our neighbourhoods.  We work across the UK and internationally supporting local people to talk about what matters, and building capacity to manage tension and change positively.


About The Centre

Eastend Homes have 3 community centres in the Mile End area available for hire to suit many functions from Parties, celebrations, performance’s and conferences, meetings and an IT suite are also available for hire, check for availability by contacting Mary Olsen on: mary.olsen@eastendhomes.net 0203174 8106

Building a coalition for voice and influence for good community relations work

We are working with International Alert to build a coalition for the voice of good relations work across England.

Our first step is to look for locally rooted organisations to host an event for us where interested people can come together to

• Enable skills, knowledge and good practice examples to be disseminated and shared more widely.
• Provide a channel for the voices of diverse and varied communities to be heard more clearly.
• Highlight the benefits of good relations work and raise its profile
• Share and discuss ideas for developing the voice and influence of good relations work

Please contact us if you’d like to get involved, and check out our current projects page for more info.

Making the everyday ordinary extraordinary – integration rethink continues.

The message from IPPR’s policy paper, Rethinking Integration is Let’s think more about the everyday when we’re talking about integration.  That’s welcome when the debates about integration (cohesion as was) have been polarised between complex and competing perspectives on multiculturalism and liberal citizenship. At the same time isn’t it extraordinary that we rarely hear this message? It is in the everyday that we get on with getting on with each other – it is the everday ordinary extraordinary.  Continue reading “Making the everyday ordinary extraordinary – integration rethink continues.”

Talk for a Change in debate with our colleagues

Jo Broadwood and Nicola Sugden, two of  Talk for a Change’s directors, attended the Conflict Research Society conference in Coventry last week. We presented our recent publication We need to talk about ..can discussing controversial issues strengthen community relations? and entered useful debate with other practitioners. The main topics of debate were how best to use the contact hypothesis, the importance of focussing on differences as well as similarities when in dialogue with conflicting groups, and the pros and cons of local and national organisational set ups for working on good relations in the UK at present.  Continue reading “Talk for a Change in debate with our colleagues”