Untold Stories of Good Relations – our final report

We’ve been talking about Good Relations with 235 organisations in 11 different localities. What kind of work is ‘good relations work’? Who is doing it? What are the challenges and issues? And how can we strengthen community relations in local areas?

Untold Stories Final ReportWith our national partner International Alert and local partners; Stockwell Partnership, Newcastle Conflict Resolution Network, ARCH, Centre for Good Relations, Together for Peace, Programme for a Peaceful City, Who is Your Neighbour?, Just Lincolnshire, Foundation for Peace, Aik Saath, Barton Hill Settlement, Community Resolve, Social Action Research Foundation, Global Education Derby, Wolverhampton Network Consortium, Conflict and Change, Involve and Resolve, The Kitchen Table Café, we supported local events.

Over 340 people attended from the voluntary, community and public sectors, including police, youth justice, and local authorities.

Our final report details our findings, and outlines our plans for developing a national alliance for Good Relations.

You can download the executive summary here

And the full report here

If you want to know more, or to discuss how you can get involved contact:


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